TOS (Terms of Service) Terms&Conditions

1. Digital Future Ltd.. with headquarter in Lodz, st. Struga 78, KRS:0000456343 is a legal owner of
2. Trademarks, logos and pictures shown at website are reserved and ureserved tradmarks for Digital Future Ltd. and Its trade partners.
3. In each case, using is regulated by below given rules. If you do not agree with, or you do not want to obtain below given rules, please do not use .
4. The user bears an absolute liability for his/her passwords', emails' and other log-in data's safety
5. If the user neglects securing his passwords, cannot be held liable for any losses sustained from the use of this website. Losses will not be compensated.
6. The user may not copy, distribute, transmit, upload, publish any of contents partly or integrally without an authorization of owners.
7. takes all actions to provide an optimal security of monetary and BTC founds on accounts
8. takes all actions to eliminate's software failure. In each case, if the user discovers any failure or gap in's software, he/she should immediatly give the information to our service through a contact form or write to
9. Using failures and gaps discovered in a software for fraud or an activity that may interfere a normal prosperity by the user is forbbiden and it is treated as acting to the detriment of all users and the owner and as a contravention of these Terms. In such case legal implications against the user might be proceeded
10. observes European rules of AML/CFT - Anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism rules
11. reserved the right to block users' accounts in case of presence of suspicious activity that may indicate , or other illegal activity.
12. may require identification information from the user, like Government issued photographic identification or identity card.
13. To issue a transaction through an appropriate title of a monetary transfer is required and must comply with a scheme : „Bitcurex Bitcoins bit-accountname”
14. If the transfer title remains inproper, founds get back to an account they were transfered from and cannot be held liable for any losses.
15. On Government institutions' demand, can be obligated to make users' data accessible to these institutions.
16. cannot be held liable for any losses that are a result of illegal actions taken by users against other users and non-users.
17. cannot be held liable for any actions taken by Government institutions against any of the user.
18. To make a withdraw, you have to put name and surename, and an address of an bank account owner
19. The user declares that he/she does not use and BCC cards for any illegal activity.
20. operates actually without any payments.
21. Payments described in „Charges&Limits” tab result from banking costs
22. BCC Cards Terms & Conditions of use are available at
23. As a consequence of irregular BCC card usage the card will be deactivated and a retrivation of founds collected on the card, or/and founds currently being transfered to the card, will be issued after BCC Cards Terms&Conditions are fullfiled.
24. respects a privacy of the user who remains anonymous untill he/she decides to reveal such a data.
25. Personal data is not revealed to third parties. Only's administrator and authorised staff may access this data.
26. creates statistic comparison based on information given by users, that may be revealed to third parties. This procedure excludes any possibility of user identification.
27. The user can modify his/her personal data at any time. In case of decision to terminate the personal data, the user must contact the administrator through the contact form or email:
28. These Terms&Condition may be modify at any time. All modifications will be published immediately on website in „Terms&Conditions” tab.
29. The user that makes a registration in states that he/she has read and understands, and agrees with herein written rules, and he/she will consistently observe all these rules.

Above terms and conditions, are applicable from 23.08.2012r

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